77% off “Broadway Lites” by Fable Sounds

“Broadway Lites” features 15GB of multi-sample content, with over 20,000 unique samples of saxophones, trumpets, trombone and clarinet. This is an affordable introduction to the best-sounding and most realistic emulation of contemporary brass and wind instruments to date! 15GB of Brass & Wind Instruments for Kontakt Player “Broadway Lites” provides an affordable introduction to the[…]Read More

65% off of “ReForged” by Impact Soundworks

ReForged: Cinematic Metallic Sound Design features an array of found metal objects performed as if they were percussive instruments: an old cooker, metal shovels, rakes, a tin bath, gas canisters, and much more. These unique objects were hammered, struck, tapped, and resonated using a wide variety of both conventional andnot-so-conventional techniques. From this pool of[…]Read More