Soundiron Mercury Elements


“This is a version of Soundiron’s Mercury Symphonic Boys Choir library that contains just the essential elements and a single mic position.  If you don’t need all the phrases and various elements with multiple mic positions, yet you still want an amazing sounding boys choir, this is something for you.

It uses the close mic position and has plenty of elements from sustains and legatos, to staccatos, vowels and phrases, as well as ambient fx all in a Kontakt Player interface that’s easy to use.  It gives you enough control to adjust as needed, but not too many options for those that don’t need to tweak every single detail.

It has a very lush, full, realistic sound and I love the way they include ambiences along with the traditional choir patches.”

In stock

Mercury Elements is hand-selected from the most essential elements of the comprehensive Mercury Symphonic Boys’ Choir by Soundiron.

If you’ve heard any choir from Soundiron before, then you know this is a quality library.  It has a very lush, full, realistic sound and the inclusion of ambiences along with the traditional choir patches make it useful for both choir and sound design situations, especially since you can patch into a pad instantly!


  • A chorus of 25 singers from the award-winning Pacific Boychoir
  • 2 Dynamic Layered PP/FF True Legato Vowels (Ah, and Oo)
  • 4 Dynamic Layered PP/FF Vowels (Ah, Eh, Oh, Oo) for Sustains, Staccatos and Marcatos with 2x Round Robin per note
  • Dual-Layer layout for mixing and blending between vowels and articulations
  • Chromatic Latin sustaining and staccato multi-syllable words with automatic tempo-synching
  • Tempo-synching and time-stretching presets optimized for Kontakt 5
  • Children’s choral vocal effects
  • A deep bonus collection of custom ambient soundscapes, drones, pads and atmospheres hand-crafted using the original choral source
  • Integrated DSP effects and custom convolution impulses included
  • Fully automatable custom user interface

User Interface

  • Powerful Custom User Interface with fully automatable access to critical performance controls
  • Close microphone position for a full, rich sound
  • Customizable key mapping, saving and loading
  • Playmaster system with with immediate access to sustains, staccatos and marcatos
  • 51 integrated custom convolution IR samples

Product Specs

  • 1,266 Samples
  • 1.8 GB installed (2.61 GB Uncompressed)
  • 16 nki Kontakt instrument presets
  • 24 bit / 48kHz lossless NCW format samples
  • Works with the free Kontakt Player

System Requirements

  • PC – Windows XP or higher
  • Mac – OSX 10.6 or higher
  • Dual Core CPU
  • 2 GB System Ram
  • SATA or SSD hard drive recommended

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