Soundiron High School Drumcorps


“There’s really something just plain DOPE about a marching band drumline. Their drums are always raw and snappy sounding.  Well this is a Kontakt instrument from Soundiron dedicated exclusively to the drumcorps, which also includes the wav files unencrypted, meaning you can edit, tweak, or put them in your favorite sampler.

They recorded these samples in the practice hall as well as on the field, if you’re looking for that authentic drumline drum sound, this is definitely something to checkout.”

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Soundiron High School Drumcorps is a multi-sample drum library focused on capturing the powerful, tight sound of small marching band drum line. There’s a certain unique punch to those hard mid-tones with that truncated dry snap of marching snares and bass drums. It’s quite distinct from the solid, pleasing punch and smooth resonance of typical rock, jazz and symphonic percussion. These drums are meant to be heard loud and clear from a great distance, delivered with the staccato snap of a military formation.

There are 2 Marching snares, and 5 tuned marching bass drums (20″ – 36″) for the field recordings, along with quads in the indoor and outdoor ensemble strikes and rim clacks. The indoor recordings feature the same snares and a large 48” concert bass drum which has been in continuous use by the band for over 30 years. The head of the concert bass drum is made of cow hide and it’s played with a large, soft cloth and felt mallet, providing a deeply massive sub-sonic boom. For the full drum line there are flam and rim strike articulations with all instruments playing in unison (snare, bass drums, quads).

The custom UI for Kontakt provides custom ensemble building, note release control, a variety of different environmental convolution impulses and lots of other tone shaping features, providing you the freedom to sculpt your own performance. The powerful Megamixer interface lets you to create custom ensembles with up to 12 drums, with individual key-mapping, tuning, panning, release control, shaping and mixing and dynamic sample loading for optimal resource use. It also includes a specialized version of our Uberpeggiator arp system, with our intuitive “EZ-Roll” mode to generate dynamic bpm-based single-stroke rolls and flams, with velocity swelling, humanization control and much more.

Product Specs:

  • 954 MB installed
  • 1,523 Samples (standard pcm wav)
  • 10 .nki files (unlocked format)
  • 24 bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
  • Format(s): Kontakt 4.2.4 .nki and pcm .wav

System Requirements:

  • The full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 4.2.4 (or later) is required to use the .nki instrument presets included in this library. However, some features require Kontakt 5.1 or later.
  • The free Kontakt “Player” and “Add Library” import process does not support this standard open-format Kontakt library
  • PC – Windows XP or higher
  • Mac – Mac OSX 10.6 or higher
  • Dual Core CPU
  • 2 GB System Ram
  • SATA or SSD hard drive recommended for this library.