Acousticsamples Wurlie


“Wurlie is very smooth sounding library, it doesn’t have the “bite” that I usually associate with the wurli keyboard, it’s much more of a smooth sound to my ears and that’s the type of sound I like personally.

I also like how all the controls are front and center and encourage quick tweaking/personalization of the sound.

The included impulse responses for the different cabinets really allow you to dial in the character you need, I really dig the sound here, and the close cabinet really gives me some good tones, that’s my favorite for sure.

Overall, this is a great sounding instrument from an  awesome developer.”

This Wurlie library is based on Wurlitzer 206A model, which is a student model. It’s similar to the 200A but has a different color and a built in amp/speaker. It also didn’t have tremelo. It was generally paired with the 206, which was the teacher model that had a headphone and microphone to be able to listen to and conversate with each student individually.

Technical specifications:

  • 1.21Gb uncompressed, 278Mb compressed in lossless flac format, around 3123 samples.
  • 10 Velocity layers for the sustain.
  • 20 Velocities for the release.
  • Time based release samples for accurate staccato sound.
  • Sustain pedal noises (up and down), triggered automatically.
  • Independant mix of the acoustic/electric sound.
  • Sympathetic resonance on both pedal up and down.
  • Complete control over the midi response.
  • EQ.
  • Vibrato simulation.
  • Saturation, chorus and flanger effects.
  • Amp simulation of the real cabinet.
  • Spring Reverb.
  • Advanced UVI scripting giving you access to a simple yet powerful interface and advanced features.

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