Acousticsamples VTines MK1


I’ve always been a huge fan of Acousticsamples and how they approach their instruments. They always deliver a truly authentic and playable product. This VTines MK1 takes it to the next level by combining modeling and sampling for a lightweight yet totally authentic experience.

It sounds great out of the box, but you can also tweak everything from the tine height and pickup distance, to the amp mic setup and stomp box fx. If you’re looking for a truly flexible, playable, and authentic sounding EP, look no further!

Acousticsamples found a way to combine two technologies by using samples as the sound source and modeling techniques for the rest of the instrument. This allows the V Tines to weigh only 80Mb (retina graphics and presets included), to really sound like a Fender Rhodes© with all of its imperfections and to have a fully continuous response, as well as a highly tweakable sound.

Technical Specifications:

  • 80Mb compressed in lossless flac format.
  • Sampling and modeling hybrid of a Mark1 Fender Rhodes©
  • Full continuous velocity
  • Perfect staccatos and release samples
  • Around 35 high quality presets
  • Fully customizable instrument to match any real life Rhodes voicing and adjustment.
  • Precisely measures Vibrato effect
  • Very detailed Rhodes© AMP simulation with different mic placements and true stereo response.
  • FX Pedalboard with 8 high quality effects
  • Completely adjustable MIDI response
  • Auto keyboard velocity adjustment tool

Visit the UVI website for the latest version of UVI Workstation.

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