BeatPPL Chicken Kit


Corry always seems to have various types of gear coming in and out of his lab, and often times certain gear sparks a certain level of creativity that turns into a new collection of samples.

“This Chicken Kit was born exactly like that.  I remember it vividly, he sent the text letting us know a new piece had arrived. Then as he was digging in, testing the new piece in his lab, he started sending us audio snippets of what he was doing. It was sounding dope!

Of course that sparked him to start mixing the new piece with other equipment in his studio including his modular synth. When he came out on the other side of pure experimentation he had the Chicken Kit.

Crazy modulations, flutters, and oddly effected drums that still have his signature style. This kit is pure creativity built upon a solid foundation of authentic boom bap.”


The Chicken Kit was born of an experiment in analog filtering and eurorack modular effects processing. With a bit of creative eurorack modular patching using source material from various drum machines, Chicken Kit was born one flutter (modulation) at a time.

Chicken Kit hits hard but its name is a reference to the flutters and chirps that accompany the kicks, snares and hi-hats. The tail ends and sometimes the body of the samples are designed in away that presents a bit of modulation and short resonant delay (sort of reminiscent of Karplus Strong synthesis) but in the most percussive and aesthetically pleasing way possible. The results of this creative sound design experiment are drums that bang and present a fresh texture and harmonic richness to your drum patterns and productions.

Product Specs:

  • 39 loops (bass, pads, drum patterns, beats, chirp & flutter patterns, and more)
  • 30 hats
  • 40 kicks
  • 21 snares
  • 15 misc. odds and ends
  • Format: WAV
  • Compatibility: All DAWs and Samplers
  • License: Royalty Free