70% Off Celestial Celesta by Chocolate Audio

Deal Price: $14.99 (instead of $49)

This celesta is a very old Mustel made in Paris and properly maintained and restored by skilled technicians in Milano.

We carefully made sure the tuning was the best possible and spent quite a bit of time experimenting with mic choice and positioning.

We ended up using a pair of AKG C414EB from the 70s for their silky and smooth sound as Spot mics and another trio of AKG 451E with CK22 omni capsules for the Decca perspective.

Then, we chose to record the Celesta with its cover removed in order to obtain a less boxy sound, something that is very often done when recording such instruments.

Nonetheless we emulate the effect of the cover inside our User Interface in case you’re looking for that boxier sound.


  • 17 factory presets + user-savable presets
  • 101 custom, high quality IR reverbs
  • 22 (+ 22) compressor + tape presets
  • works as stand-alone, AAX, RTAS, AU and VST for Mac and PC
  • Kontakt Full version required (Free Kontakt Player not supported)

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