Welcome to the Sounds and Gear Shop!

I started this shop as a way to bring together some of the brands, developers, products, apps, software, and gear that I have come to trust over the years, making them available for purchase in one central location.

Just like the content featured on Sounds And Gear, this shop reflects my own personal taste and suggestions.

I have chosen three methods of selling products through this shop.

My Own Products & Services: You can find various products and services I offer right here in the shop. Some may be downloaded through the shop, such as presets and templates. Other products such as my training services will take you to my training sites where you can purchase access to that specific training content.

Retail Products: With this method you are purchasing product from my shop inventory. These items have an “Add to Cart” button.  You will checkout through my shop and order support/delivery is handled by me.

Affiliate Products: This method allows me to offer products from partner companies who then track the traffic sent to them from my shop and I receive a percentage of the sale for referring you to them. These items have a “Buy Now” button which will take you to their shop or cart to complete your purchase. Order support/delivery is handled by the actual company..

Using a mixture of these methods allows me to offer a variety of products from brands that I enjoy and trust, all in one spot.

Your support of this shop helps me continue to produce the content, information, and coverage you’ve come to expect from SoundsAndGear.com, as well as continuing to grow the Sounds And Gear brand, so be sure to spread the word!

I truly appreciate and thank you for your support!

-saintjoe (about me)