Fluxwithit Dominant Drums


“This expansion from Flux is dedicated to drums, both hard hitting as well as smooth and subtle styles.  With a nice mix of acoustic and “found sound” style hits and percussion, as well as metallic scrapes, noises, and blips, it offers a variety of style and originality.

He also included a touch of synth sounds as well as a few key notes and chords to give you a nice eclectic mix of tools to work with. In addition to the sounds there are also some multi-fx groups as well as patterns for those that enjoy working with them. Plenty of creativity here to keep you busy.”


Are you feeling the need for drums of a higher order? Are you sick of having to force drums to cut through mixes by adding excessive processing? Dominant drums are drums designed to dominate the mix. Whether its hard hitting boom bap cracking drums or subtle fuzz laden hits, Dominant drums will deliver.

25 fully Maschine optimized kits, 6 synths, 5 multi fx groups, 200 patterns and over 400 browser tagged samples.

Folder structure is easily organized to allow use of these samples in not just Maschine but any of your favorite software samplers.

Dominant drums will deliver booming kicks and hard hitting snares. Using unique source material recorded both on location in demanding locations and utilizing premier analog circuitry to provide fresh original sounds. Percussive elements designed to inspire and intrigue with chilling results.

Let Dominant Drums take over.

Product Specs:

  • 25 drum kits
  • 6 Synths
  • 5 multi fx kits for (maschine 1.8)
  • Over 200 patterns
  • 400 Browser tagged samples
  • Download Size: 61.3MB
  • After Unpack Over 110MB
  • Expansion requires Maschine 1.8 and up. Works with Maschine 2.0 and up