ArgonSc8pes is a collection of samples created by running various sounds and sequences from the Model Argon8 through an Eventide H9 and experimenting with the FX.

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This pack is a result of my checking out the Modal Electronics Argon8 synthesizer. It’s a nice synth with some cool sound capabilities. I ended up not keeping it but before I sent it back I ran it through the Eventide H9 and just came up with a bunch of soundscape and evolving performances. By mixing sequences, effects, and random playing, I was coming up with some cool sounds so figured I would record them.

These are a collection of multiple long samples that could be used for chopping up, looping, creating patches, or whatever else. I recorded 11 different sounds each being between 2 and 5 minutes long. This really was an exploratory project, and I hope you find some inspiration in there somewhere.

**Download free with a SoundsAndGear Insider Membership!