Akai Pro Soul Provider MPC Expansion Bundle


Save money when buying the Soul Provider 1 and Soul Provider 2 MPC expansions together! Add some soulful sounds and inspiration to your MPC thanks to Akai Professional & the squad at MSXII Sound Design!

Save money when you buy both Soul Provider 1 and Soul Provider 2 MPC expansions at the same time!

Soul Provider (reg $39.99)

As usual, Akai, alongside MSXII Sound Design, provides you with only the best and most uniquely authentic sound set available. Each kit provides you with an excellent selection of samples and patterns that have been expertly programmed to instantly inspire you, no matter what music making mood you’re in.

MPC users needing that soulful, warm vibe from originally played samples and classic-sounding drums—textured as if they’re lifted from a vinyl record will rejoice with Soul Provider! Character, texture, grit, and vibes are all here in this incredible MPC Expansions that’s ready to load directly into Standalone or Software Modes.


  • 25 MPC Drum Kits
  • 384 Samples

Soul Provider 2 (reg $39.99)

Akai Professional & MSXII Sound Design are proud to bring you the follow up to the acclaimed MPC Expansion Soul Provider (Vol 2).

Soul Provider 2 is blend of a golden hip hop vibe with a modern twist. The sound pallet and live instrumentation was processed with various vintage samplers & outboard gear, resampled, and then flipped and formatted to create the classically authentic sound you’ve come to love from MSXII Sound Design.


  • 30 MPC Kits
  • 511 samples


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