Synthrotek Analog Drum Synth System


“If you’re looking for a powerful analog drum system for eurorack that’s super portable then the Synthrotek Analog Drum System is for you.

It comes with 4 of Synthrotek’s powerful D-SM (Drum Synth Module) modules, the DIRT Filter, ECHO and DLY for effects, plus a buffered mult and stereo output module.

Not to mention the Powered Lunch case! All of this together in one system at a price much cheaper than if you purchased each item separately. If you’re looking for a drum system for your eurorack setup or looking to start one, this is definitely a system for you.”


The Analog Drum Synth System is perfect for making the beats.  The DS-M can replicate virtually any drum sound; with four, you can mimic a small drum kit, make acid beats, trance, all with the a warm analog sound.  Add some crunch with the DIRT Filter and some delay with the DLY Module and ECHO, and you have yourself a perfect drum machine.

Housed in the Power Lunch. Includes a power brick and a 20-pack of patch cables.

Some great ways to use the Analog Drum System:

  • Plug drum pads or an electronic drum kit into the DS-M trigger inputs, it makes a live electronic set more physically dynamic.
  • Use a sequencer like the Arturia Beat Step Pro to trigger each DS-M. This is perfect for a solo act that needs synth drums, just set up a configuration and switch to a different instrument.

Modules Included:

DS-M (x 4)

The DS-M is a full featured drum synth that can emulate virtually any drum sound!

The DS-M (Drum Synth Module) is a complex, modifiable, 100% analog drum synth loosely based on the Coron DS-8 and neatly packaged into an 8hp module.

Changes to the original DS-8 include:
– VCA-like trigger input (more voltage = louder output)
– Trimmer-adjustable attack
– LED trigger indicator
– 1v/o tracking (C0-C4)
– Triangle core oscillator
– Additional noise color switch setting (3 settings instead of 2)
– More distinct noise timbres
– Louder, improved noise circuit
– Really LOW bass frequencies
– Total range ~4Hz to 2.6kHz

In addition to being a highly versatile analog drum synth, this unit is also a fully functional monophonic synth that has these features:
– 1v/o tracking (C0-C4)
– Adjustable attack and decay envelope over the VCA
– Built-in LFO circuit
– Sweep circuit
– Noise circuit

DIRT Filter

DIRT is a 4HP low-pass filter / effect for the Eurorack modular synth platform.  Inspired by one of our favorite ‘noisy’ filters, the DIRT is an unapologetic filter / effect that produces interesting and unique effects via the Bias knob, accessible from the front panel.

It’s not a traditional filter; it’s an effects module with filtering, ring mod effects, wave shaping and even outright brutal harmonic distortion.

DIRT likes to square things up a bit, so throw in a triangle, sawtooth, sine or other wave forms for different style effects. Even plugging a guitar (using an external amplification module) into the DIRT produces some great sounds and heavy distortion.

DLY Module

The Synthrotek DLY is a PT2399 bucket-brigade style delay Eurorack module.  The PT2399 IC delivers lush analog-sounding tones (the IC is partially digital). The DLY is similar in tone to our ECHO Eurorack module, but its features make it unique in its own right.

Unlike the ECHO which always has a wet signal (i.e. the echo effect is always mixed in with the input), the DLY offers a true wet/dry Mix knob.  When the Mix knob is fully counter-clockwise, you get a dry signal. When it is fully clockwise, you get a fully wet signal.  This allows the user to incorporate this module into effects sends, etc. Also, the DLY allows for CV over Feedback and has an internal Feedback amount trimpot for precise adjustment.

Another added feature is the delay Rate range internal trimpot, which allows you to dial in the delay range of your choice. Adjust the trimmer and main Rate knob to dial in clean short slap-backs all the way to the extreme, chaotic sounds of an over-clocked PT2399 chip.


The ECHO (formerly known as EKO) is a very unique echo using the PT2399 IC featuring Voltage Controlled Rate. Manual controls for Rate, Feedback, and Mix. Beautiful and bizarre, CV modulation of the rate brings in ghostly pitch bent sounds to metallic reverbs. An effects module that everyone needs in their rig.

1U UniBuffer
The 1U UniBuffer combines a buff mult and a unity gain mixer into a 1U module.  It’s great for small cases where you want both functions available (like the Power Lunch). The Buffered Multiple is a PRECISION buffered mult that is perfect for for 1V/O CV sources. The 1U Unity Gain Mixer adds input signals together and combines them for a summed output.

1U Stereo Output Mixer

The 1U Stereo Mixer is intended for pannable stereo output, but it is also suitable for both DC (Gates, Triggers and Control Voltage) & AC (audio) signals. It has 2 channels with 2 inputs per channel

Any hardware that I personally stock will be sent out the same or next business day and should arrive within 3 to 5 business days.  Some products ship directly from the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s warehouse and should arrive in most locations within 5 to 7 business days. Special order eurorack systems, cases, and some modules are built to order by the manufacturer and will arrive within 5 to 14 business days depending on the item.

In every situation I will keep you updated through the entire process and I am always available for questions should any arise.