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“I’ve been using Ableton Live since 2009 as well, but my entire workflow changed when I got my hands on Push!  Honestly, there are many great resources available online to teach you all the ins and outs of the Ableton Live software, but focus for this site is specifically on the use of Push. Simply put, I’m all about the hands on aspect of music creation and the integration between software and dedicated hardware!

So if you’re looking for an A to Z on every single thing you can do with Ableton Live, that’s not what this site is about.  However, if you want to learn about the awesome stuff you can do specifically with Push as an instrument and controller for Ableton Live and how to implement it into your own workflow then I’d love to help you out!”

Buy Now is an online resource dedicated to helping you learn how to use Push in an easy and efficient manner. There’s a lot Push can do, and my goal is to make sure you’re totally comfortable with its feature set so you can decide exactly how and where it fits into your own workflow.

We all value our time. Many of us are creating music after work, school, family, or other obligations, and simply squeezing it in at any chance we can get!

I designed this site so that you can consume the information in a way that fits your schedule and learning style. No matter your skill level or the amount of time you have.

The Push and Push 2 Video Manuals:

  • – A fully searchable video database & organized index.
  • – You can search by subjects like sequencing, automation, mixing, and browsing.
  • – You can drill down into very specific topics such as individual controller modes and specific editing functions.
  • – You can pull up a single tutorial, or a group of them, all based on exactly what you’re trying to learn at the time.
  • – It’s an easy to digest manual for Push and Push 2 with videos on the specific topic you want to learn.

Pro Membership Options for Exclusive Support & Interaction:

  • – Access to the Push and Push 2 video manual (Pro)
  • – Access to the private forum & messaging.
  • – Ask questions & leave comments.
  • – Make (and vote on) custom tutorial requests. Get help with your specific problems and workflow!
  • – Access to exclusive interviews
  • – Exclusive downloads, discounts, & bonus videos.

No matter if you just want 24/7 access to the Push video manual , or you’re looking for more support, interaction, and community, I’m here to help!