New Sonic Arts Vice Loop Slicer & Sampler


“Vice is a sampler/slicer plugin with a super clean interface and the ability to add up to 4 insert fx per slice, as well modulation, multi output, and host automation support.  I love the crisp and simple layout, it’s a quick way to play with your samples and turn them into an instrument without having to worry about destructively altering your audio.

Of course everything can be triggered via MIDI, you can slice manually or using the multiple detection algorithms, and the interface makes it quick to add multiple fx to all slices or individual slices.  It’s a very flexible way to play with your loops, and though it’s powerful, the interface is just so clean!”

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Breathe life into your loops with Vice, the inspiring and powerful loop sampler.

Quickly load loops from the integrated loop browser, slice them in an instant with the intelligent transient detection algorithm and effortlessly export your grooves to your DAW via MIDI drag and drop.

Want to get deeper? Then delve into Vice’s comprehensive FX and modulation capabilities, including 4 x FX inserts per-slice, plus seamless DAW integration thanks to the 8 x multiple outputs and comprehensive MIDI and host-automation assignment features.

With a perfect combination of workflow and pristine sound-quality, Vice will quickly become your go-to tool for working with loops.

Multiple Slice Modes

Simply drop any loop onto Vice’s large waveform display to immediately transform it into an expressive drum-kit or playable musical instrument. Three auto-slicing algorithms are available, including intelligent transient detection, grid based slicing (e.g. 16ths), plus full manual slicing for total control over slice creation.

Precise Editing

Slices can be quickly adjusted with automatic snap-to-zero-crossings, and for sample-precise detailed editing, quickly zoom-in an out of slices with the smooth-zooming waveform. Creating new slices is just a mouse-click away, and with full edit history feel free to experiment!

Perfect DAW Integration

Once your perfect groove is ready, quickly get it tempo-synced into your DAW project via simple MIDI drag-and-drop.

Or drag out individual slices as post-FX rendered samples with the drag to audio feature.

Per-Slice Envelopes & Effects

Vice’s tweaking abilities don’t stop there – the state-of-the-art sound engine boasts a wide range of sound-sculpting parameters, all per-slice.

The powerful FX section features 4 x FX slots, and a choice of 8 high-quality algorithms, including analog modelled filters, dynamics processing, and a suite of texturing effects. And if that’s not enough, you can process your slices further in your DAW via Vice’s 8 x multiple outputs.

Powerful Modulation

The extensive modulation system includes support for MIDI sources, such as Velocity, PitchBend and ModWheel as well as the internal per-slice modulators, including Envelope, LFO and Randomisation, all of which can be freely routed to any real-time parameter.

Effortless Browsing

The integrated File Browser enables quick and easy navigation of your loops and presets, including on-the-fly Sample Audition and a Cycle Mode for quickly locating that perfect groove.

Vice supports .wav and .aiff, and presets can be saved with samples for total peace-of-mind. Vice can even embed samples into your DAW projects, perfect for working on the road and / or collaboratively with other Vice users.


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