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Modern Samples Hip Hop Drums Live


“I’m a huge fan of acoustic drum samples, you can never have enough, especially when they are recorded well.  Modern Samples is a newer company on my radar but they have some really well recorded samples in this collection.

These drums were recorded with a great recording space, great mics, consoles, outboard gear, etc.  If you’re looking for a great collection of natural, acoustic sounding kicks, snares, hats, claps, sticks and more, this is definitely one to check out.”

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Product Description

A collection of high quality, professionally recorded and processed hip hop drum sounds.  These samples can add a flavor and texture to your beats and productions that synthesized drum machines just can not create.  These hip hop samples are unlike anything you have heard before.  Each sound was meticulously processed and tweaked to inspire maximum creativity.

Hip Hop Samples that Challenge the Status Quo

We’re calling out all hip hop industry leaders, the game changers,  the ones who look to innovate, the ones who tired of the same old boring and recycled sounds in every hip hop drum kit.

Hip Hop Drums Live stays true to the genre of hip hop but at the same time gives you high quality drum sounds you’ve never heard before.

We invite you to hear why HHDL is different from all other hip hop drum kits and explore the unlimited creative possibilities!

The Recording Process

The HHDL sample pack was recorded at Grand Lodge No. 24, located in Quebec Canada.

Situated on a quite street is a 130 year old “red bricked” church that was converted into a studio back in 2005 when Grammy Award winning band Arcade Fire first purchased it.

Complete with massive vaulted ceilings, a vintage Calrec Mixing desk and a whole suite of analog recording gear, Grand Lodge Studio’s open/airy sound was captured perfectly and can be heard in the recordings of Hip Hip Drums Live.

Multiple Setups & Kits

In total, we recorded two different drum kits and a third kit that contained miscellaneous drum pieces.  We set up the drums in two different location of the live room, with and without gobos, to get the maximum amount of variation into the recordings.

The result is some truly magnificent colors and textures that will add some character and depth to your hip hop beats.

Equipment List

We went out of our way to ensure that a variety of high quality Class A vintage and modern gear was used.  From a vintage recording console, to modern EQ’s and compressors, tube microphones and even vintage ribbon mics.

The finished product resulted in an eclectic variation of tones and colors unlike anything you’ve heard before. Different is good!


  • Ribbon Mics – Coles 4038, Sontronics Apollo (Stereo), RCA DX77
  • Condenser Mics – Telefunken ELAM260 (tube), Telefunken M80, Manley Reference Gold (tube), Avantone cv-12 (tube), AKG 451
  • Dynamic Mics – AKG D112, AKG 421, Shure sm57


  • Preamps – Vintage Calrec M Series Console, API 312, Neve 1073
  • Compressors – Valley People Dynamite, Imperical Labs Distressor, Teletronix LA2A, Urei 1176LN
  • Equalizers – Calrec PQ1785 & 1740, Dangerous BAX


  • File Type: 24 bit, 44.1 kHz / .WAV
  • Contains: 414 one shots (Kicks, Snares, Sticks, Stomps, Hits, Hats, Toms + more)
  • Mixing: API, Dangerous, Some Plugins
  • License: 100% Royalty-Free. Use them in your tracks without having to worry.

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