Mixthru: Start To Finish Mixing Tutorials


“The concept behind Mixthru is not just about learning how to use different mixing tools, but about seeing a real live mix from start to finish.  Not only do you get an idea of what type of tools to use, but you get to see how, when, and where to use them in order to get a better mix.

I think this is a great concept either on it’s own or as a supplement to their topic-based tutorials they have (EQ, Compression, Vocals, etc) because it lets you see the practical use of what you’re learning. They have Mixthru videos available for Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, and EDM.

You also get the multi track files so you can practice on the mix yourself, as well as a copy of the first mix and the final master.  This is a  really dope way to get an idea of how to take a raw track and find what it needs to get a good sounding mix.”

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Improve Your Hip-Hop Mixes

Learn how to mix a trap beat with male rap vocals from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, limiting, effects and more. Includes stems for practice.

  • Clean and enhance a rap vocal
  • Route your tracks for ultimate flexibility
  • Enhance vocals with parallel compression
  • Mix hard-hitting 808s and kick drums
  • Negotiate hi-hats, bells and other percussion
  • Clean up a noisy rap vocal recording
  • Use parallel excitement to enhance a vocal
  • Embellish with effects, drops and more
  • Master with mid-side EQ and limiting

Improve Your Pop Mixes

Learn how to mix a pop record from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, reverb, distortion, limiting, and more. Includes stems for practice.

  • Mix and negotiate multiple bass elements in a mix
  • Establish and utilize contrast within dense arrangements
  • Mix guitars while drawing from cross-genre influences
  • Shape synth pads around vocals and other instruments
  • Utilize compression to accentuate rhythmic patterns
  • Mix for a specific record and train your ear for context
  • Utilize transitional effects to emphasize section changes
  • Use reverb to add space and depth in a mix
  • Create height using EQ to exaggerate a sense of dimension
  • Mix vocals to fit specific sections of a dynamic record

Improve Your Rock Mixes

Learn how to mix an indie-rock song with male vocals from start to finish with a focus on utilizing primarily stock plugins. Includes stems for practice.

  • Get a great mix on a limited budget using mostly stock plugins
  • Recognize and fix phase issues in a multitrack recording
  • Use compression and limiting to increase tension in a mix
  • Utilize automation to bring life back to over-compressed tracks
  • Augment drums with samples to get a punchier drum mix
  • Determine the most effective reverb settings for your mix
  • Negotiate the best parts of a multi-capture recording
  • Use distortion to add color and life to tracks in the mix
  • Enhance the low end of your mix with parallel compression
  • Emphasize section changes by automating reverb and effects

Improve Your EDM Mixes

Learn how to mix an EDM Future Bass record from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, effects, distortion and more. Includes stems.

  • Use EQ to clean and enhance synth leads, pads and strings
  • Use contrast and effects to create a huge 3D space
  • Utilize dynamics processing to exaggerate tension
  • Use EQ to accentuate fundamental tones or overtones
  • Mix multiple low end elements to work together in a mix
  • Use distortion to help sub bass cut through a mix
  • Add brightness to a modern EDM mix without any harshness
  • Use a transient designer to manipulate attack and sustain
  • Automate to add movement and excitement to your mix
  • Use compression to shape sounds and control dynamics

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