Mixing Hip Hop


“This tutorial collection by Matthew Weiss contains over 5 hours of video explaining the different concepts when it comes to mixing urban music along with showing you exact methods and techniques used on real mixes so you can apply them yourself.

He even includes stems from the tracks he’s working with in the video so you can actually mix the same tracks using the same skills you’re learning in the tutorial.

The videos are easy to comprehend and really translate the knowledge needed when mixing beats and vocals in the context of urban music production.”

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In this tutorial course you will learn how to…

  • Mix great sounding rap vocals that cut through a mix
  • Make your beats hit harder and stand out
  • Use EQ to clean and enhance vocals and instruments
  • Use compression to manipulate shape, tone and dynamics
  • Create interesting ambience with reverb, delay and more
  • Use automation to add energy and emotion to a mix

Each tutorial in this course covers multiple topics centered around a specific task. See below for a breakdown of each section.

Mixing Rap Vocals:

  1. Cleaning up a rap vocal
  2. Controlling tone and dynamics
  3. Cleaning and enhancing vocals with EQ
  4. Constructing ambience with reverb & delay
  5. Complete mix walkthrough start to finish
  6. Bonus: Vocal cleanup EQ exercise
  7. Bonus: Tips for producing better vocals

Mixing Rap Vocals 2:

  1. Mix walkthrough: Murs
  2. Mix walkthrough: Snoop Dogg
  3. Mix walkthrough: Juicy J
  4. Multiband dynamics workshop
  5. Parallel processing with exciters
  6. Mixing vocal doubles and ad-libs
  7. Tips for mixing chorus vocals
  8. Mixing Arrested Development

Mixing Hip-Hop Beats:

  1. Setting instrument levels
  2. Automation tips and tricks
  3. Mixing low end bass
  4. Mixing snare drums
  5. Mixing strings and horns
  6. Home mastering tips
  7. Mixing peripheral elements
  8. Bonus: Mixing 808s

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