Beat Making with Maschine Video Course


“This course is all about making beats with Maschine. I go over everything from basic rhythmic theory, to loading sounds and making patterns. I explore creating beats with the internal factory sounds, Maschine expansion sounds, as well as sample-based production. We dig into creating drum patterns, various ways to add variation in your patterns, adding bass parts, percussion, melodies, and basic song arrangement.

If you’re looking for a few ideas on creating a beat in Maschine from start to finish, this course is definitely worth checking out.”

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MASCHINE is the go-to technology for making beats. This course is your go-to guide. Join producer and instructor JK Swopes as he demonstrates how to create beats using MASCHINE’s built-in sounds, expansions, and samples. He covers basic rhythmic theory, and MASCHINE’s main features for altering the sounds of a performance, including swing, quantization, and velocity. Next, he moves into making beats with the built-in sounds and official MASCHINE expansions, and creating melodies, drum parts, bass lines, and percussion tracks. He also demonstrates how to add variety to your patterns and arrange your patterns into a full song structure.

In Chapter 3, JK uses the same techniques to make a new sample-based track—a great way to make custom sounds you won’t hear anywhere else. Start watching to learn how to make your own beats with MASCHINE.

Topics include:

  • Quantizing beats to align notes
  • Making a simple drum pattern
  • Adding groove to beats
  • Using MASCHINE expansions
  • Creating melodies
  • Adding bass, percussion, and FX
  • Creating pattern variations
  • Arranging songs
  • Making beats from samples

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