AniModule SOB Filter


“This is a cool little filter with a built in 2 channel mixer, wave folder, cv input and a vactrol circuit…which just happens to be my favorite part of the filter.  It can sound super smooth or crazy aggressive…of course I lean more towards the smooth side of it.

It also has a 1v/oct input which allows you to play the filter as an oscillator when you turn the resonance all the way up. All in all it’s definitely a nice filter and at the end of the day, it  has a dope sound character to it.”

The SOB is an analog state variable filter with an adjustable WaveFolder on the input.

  • Self-Oscillating Filter Tracks 1V/Oct
  • Vactrol Input allows you to control CutOff via gates/triggers without using up an EG
  • Pot to mix “Clean” and “Folded” signal levels
  • Filter and/or Fold Audio Or Control Voltages
  • 2 Input Signal mixer
  • 1 Input Control Voltage Mixer
  • 1 Input to Vactrol for CV Modulation
  • 1V/Oct In
  • current Draw: +12V = 31mA -12V = 34mA

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