AniModule MixMan Mixer


“A mixer is super indispensable in a modular system, and MixMan is a very flexible mixer with a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only do you get 3 channels with level control for each channel, but you get 3 outputs, an inverter, and an offset control.

I really dig the fact that I can not only mix inputs, but the multiple outputs come in handy for running the same signal to multiple locations. Once again AniModule delivers a powerful utility module that gives you access to multiple functions in a single unit.”

– saintjoe /

This quintessential module, while seeming fairly utilitarian, is practically indispensable.

At only 8HP wide and 30mm deep

You can mix, mult, invert and offset your audio and CV.

For starters there is a 3 channel mixer with x3 buffered outs.   Then there is a dedicated analog inverter.   Last but not least there is an offset manipulator.

The offset manipulator is designed to take a signal and combine it with an offset.

It will work fine without a signal coming in to it though. Just take the signal from the offset manipulator out and dial in your desired voltage.

The offset manipulator out is normalled to the 3rd mix in jack switch. If you don’t want your mixer signals offset, connect a plug to the 3rd mix in jack first, or just dial down the 3rd attenuator to 0.

The mixer out is normalled to the inverter in jack switch. That way you can have an inverted version of your mix out at the inverter out without using an extra patch cable.

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