AniModule DD Dual VCA


“A wise man once told me you can never have enough VCA modules. Until I got into modular, I wasn’t aware of all the various ways you can use a VCA. Of course you can use it for amplifying audio, but also CV signals, allowing you more control over modulation and all sorts of signals.

The DD VCA gives you two channels to work with, with direct control over input, modulation, and offset. It’s very straight forward but one of those indispensable utility modules that continuously comes in handy.”

– saintjoe /

The DD VCA is a Dual VCA for Audio or CV.

Mod In 1 is Buffered, Inverted then Normalled to Mod In 2, to facilitate stereo panning and VC CrossFading without a bunch of support modules.

Don’t want it? Just turn the attenuator down or plug a signal of your choosing in to the Mod In 2.

Current Draw: +12V = 25mA, -12V = -22mA

8HP, 28mm Deep

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