AniModule AnVilope Envelope Generator


“Sometimes you just need a simple envelope generator, this was the first standalone envelope module I added to my rack and it does exactly what it says. What I did notice is that it’s really useful for percussive/rhythmic sounds, plus the fact that it has a loop mode means you can use it as sort of an LFO as well.

Simple, affordable, and doesn’t take up much space. If you need a simple envelope module with a few extras, give this one a try.”

– saintjoe /

AnVilope is a Simple, Affordable, 4HP, Analog Envelope Generator.

Attack, Decay Release… Simple.
– Envelope Out 0V to +7V
– Loop function so you can use it as a Variable Wave-Shape LFO / Timer
– Inverted out that goes from +7V to 0V

When the gate is High the envelope will rise and cycle through it’s phases.
When gate goes low again the envelope will revert to the release phase.

If the Gate is longer than the ADR phases, the decay will play out then go to release and the envelope will end after the release.

Sprinkle them all over your system!

4HP Depth : 28mm

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